CCTV and access control

Security cameras and access control put you in control of your home or workplace

Security Waikanae CCTV
You can't be in two places at once but with purpose built camera and access systems, you have the ability to monitor important areas on your property.

This is an extremely useful tool for businesses of all sizes.

Security cameras for the workplace

Cameras in the workplace can also be an effective tool for monitoring the source of loss through internal or external theft. We offer a range of cameras, so please feel free to talk to us about your best solution.

Digital security cameras record direct to a hard drive 

You can quickly and easily look over camera security footage with dedicated security hardware and software. A major advantage of digital over VHS tapes is the ability to record extended periods of time without running out of tape.

Card access for areas within your workplace

Having electronic access points in your workplace allows you to restrict employee or customer access to certain areas. It also gives you the ability to track the movement of employees with access cards.

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